Friday, September 24, 2010

It's the weekend!

There is HOMECOMING in the St. Anthony area and there are lots of fun activities.

First, there is an Italian Dinner. Not badly priced and a good place to see your neighbors.

Then, there is the football game. Get out there and cheer on our Huskies.

There are TWO, count 'em two pancake breakfasts. One is from our band boosters. This benefits the whole program. It's a wonderful idea to support an organization that brings us such beautiful music! This takes place at the High School - Middle School new and improved cafeteria. CHECK IT OUT!

Also, there is a pancake breakfast at the Village Pub being put on by our Cross Country team.

A little news. My daughter (for the first time in my history as a parent) had strep throat. Tis the season to be very, very careful about coughs, sneezes and germs. KEEP IT CLEAN.

I took her to the clinic at Target on New Brighton Boulevard. Great quick service. I also got a coupon to use for our next visit. It seems that they accept all kinds of insurance. For convenience, I would definitely recommend it.

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